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Coconut frozen smoothie packs (Box of 64)


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Amazonia Coconut Superfood frozen packs are delicious and creamy, made from organic, sustainably harvested coconut flesh and water, sweetened with a touch of low glycemic coconut sugar. Coconuts are rich in electrolytes, medium-chain fatty acids and have antimicrobial properties. Amazonia Coconut Superfood frozen packs let you reap the nutritional benefits and enjoy the delicate tropical flavour of coconut, while supporting local communities and organic ecosystems. product will arrive in 64x 100g

DIRECTIONS 1. Cut pack in half with knife. 2. Add other ingredients such as bananas, berries, juice or milk. Sweeten to taste if desired. 3. Combine in a blender, mix to desired consistency & serve immediately. Or Simply eat straight from the pack. STORAGE Store below - 18 C